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Learn more automation testing, test services, test engineers and all other essential parts of the equipment testing.

  • Data Acquisition
    Data acquisition is a computer technique used to convert the measure of an electric or physical phenomenon like current, voltage, temperature, pressure or sound.
  • GPIB
    GPIB interfaces are generally used to connect test equipment and controller devices for effective controlling of test instruments.
  • Test Engineering
    Test engineering is a vital part of product development which is the most time-consuming and expensive stage.
  • Test Equipment
    Latest testing equipment have the most up-to-date ability to deliver performance, analysis and measurement capability.
  • Device-Under-Testing
    Device under test (DUT) is an integral part of any manufacturing process.
  • Test Engineers
    Test engineers are professionals who design procedures to test products under development.
  • Automated Test Equipment
    Automated test equipment (ATE) is a device that is used to test printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and many other electrical components or devices.
  • LXI Standard for the Electronic Instruments
    LAN extensions for instrumentation (LXI) is a standard that was developed by the LXI consortium.
  • RS-232
    Recommended standard 232 also commonly called RS-232 is a standard that is used in the serial ports of the computer.
  • Test Automation Plan
    Test automation plan forms a very integral part of the strategy for testing.
  • Electronic Inspection
    Electronic inspection on an electronic equipment to locate faulty areas of the test equipment and fix them before the equipment is ready for the actual release to the customer.
  • Manual Testing Hardware
    Manual testing basically refers to the task of using a manual approach towards testing of an device or a manufactured product.
  • Test Automation Software
    Testing the performance of a product to ensure high-quality and perfect functionality is an important part of the development process.
  • Test Automation - Glossary
    Glossary of words relating to the Test Automation industry.
  • Automated Testing Equipment
    Brief overview of the types of automated testing equipment.
  • Automation Testing Framework
    Automation testing framework is the set of assumptions and concepts that support the software-testing environment.
  • Function Testing
    Information on function testing.
  • In-Circuit Testing
    In-circuit testing involves testing of a fully populated printed circuit board (PCB) for the finding of various faults and discrepancies
  • Test Data Acquisition
    Test data acquisition plays an important role in analyzing data obtained from test equipments such as LXI and GPIB compatible ATEs.
  • Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition
     OFC/NFOEC is one of the world class conference conducted mainly to know about advancements in the field of network professionals and optical communications.
  • LXI : LAN eXtension for Instrumentation Latest Technology News
    LXI uses the flexibility of Ethernet to produce a new and promising protocol to communicate with automated test equipment (ATE). Now, over 50 Test & Measurement companies are implementing the LXI standard in ther equipments.
  • Agilent Technologies Latest News
    Agilent is one of the largest Test & Measurment equipment manufacturer.  Learn what new test technology they have integrated into their Automated Test Equipment.


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