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Versatyle® Test Corporation Privacy Statement


Versatyle® Test Corporation respects each individual's right to personal privacy. We collect and use information through our web site only in the ways disclosed in this statement. This statement applies solely to information collected at http://www.versatyle.com. Versatyle® Test Corporation is a subsidiary of Daito Group Inc., a company incorporated in the province of Quebec, Canada.

1. The Information We Collect

Versatyle® Test Corporation collects information through the use of the web site. We collect the following information about our visitors: the browser that you use, your IP address, the information that you provide on the registration form and the information entered in the contact form enclosed on this site.

We collect this information through registration form, contact forms and internet tracking. Information regarding the web pages visited, length of visit and time of day, dates, first pages entered, browsers used, IP addresses, geographic location and area, referring pages are collected through normal internet tracking programs. To access the restricted areas such as video tutorials, help files, updates and demos, we require you to provide us with your accurate personal information. Therefore, during the user registration form, your full name, company, full address, telephone, e-mail, country, type of industry and type of profile is mandatory.

2. The Way We Use the Information

The information received by Versatyle® Test Corporation will be use to validate your credentials when you request to access restricted content such as video tutorials, help files, updates and demos. We will use your information to better assist you and customize your experience in the versatyle.com web site so that we can provide you with the specific information you might be seeking for. The records collected will also allow us to keep a statistical record of our visitors to enhance our site. The information you provide us is kept securely in our database and is not sold or transferred to any third party company. We may use your information to occasionally inform you of product updates, discounts, special promotions and new products available through the use of e-mails or telephone calls.

3. How Is the Information Secured

Versatyle® Test Corporation is committed to ensure maximum security of the data collected through the web site. Therefore, all the data received is securely stored in a secure database. We use the industry standards when transferring and receiving personal information from you in our site. Also, the versatyle.com web site and database are kept safe by use of an enterprise firewall system.

4. How You Can Access or Modify Your Information

At any time, you can access your registered information stored in versatyle.com by accessing your profile information through the web site. You may also modify and update your information using the web site but, for security reasons, some fields are not available to be changed after the registration process is completed. If you request to modify the non-editable fields, you must contact us by e-mail or by phone.

5. How can I contact Versatyle® Test Corporation

If you have questions or concerns regarding these privacy policies, you may contact us at:

Versatyle Test Corporation Privacy Statement
3901 Sartelon St.
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H4S 2A6
Tel: 1-514-335-6702
Fax: 1-514-335-6542
E-mail: Contact our support team.


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