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Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Devices-Under-Test(DUT)

Interactive Test Case Development

By providing an interactive environment where communication with DUT and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is intuitive and efficient, the Testr3 Creator allows test engineers to develop their test and measurement sequences visually and without writing a single line of code.

The Testr3 Creator can communicate with a large majority of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Device-Under-Test (DUT) using industry standard communication protocols such as GPIB, GPIB-LAN, TCP/IP (Telnet), RS-232, I2C, SPI, CAN-Bus as well as proprietary protocol support.

Once the communication is established, the test engineer can interact on a terminal console window and within our Test Configuration Panel to send commands and receive parsable data back and forth from the ATE or DUT.

The output of the Device-Under-Test (DUT), Test Instrument or Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is then intelligently parsed by our unique parsing engine just by highlighting the wanted output in the Output Panel and then right-clicking to create a command return that can be integrated into actions within any test sequence.

The parsed result output from the DUT or ATE can then be integrated seamlessly into test sequences with a simple click on the import button. It can then be modified at will by interactively editing the commands and parsed output which is then re-imported back into the sequence action.

This powerful and interactive test development method is unique and forms the foundation of the Versatyle® Testr3 Studio's goal of reducing complete time-to-implement of test cases for both OEM and contract manufacturers.


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