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Cloud technology based the quality control management

Testr3 Manager provide a complete capability to support the product management such as NPI initial mapping, product code, release and unit number (serial number) registration.  Using the process flow graphic editor, the test automation strategy could be defined easily and the deployment of test sequence could be done by simple click.

Testr3 Manager is not only simple database editor. This tool provide full control of test automation development phase to deployment of production phase: supervise the progression of test automation project, approve the deployment of test sequence by activating the test process status, manage the access control to different user account, validate & monitor every single activity of test operation from the production line.

Testr3 Manage allow to introduce strong foundation of quality control system by eliminating the humain error during test production phase and enforcing strict rule of validation:

Process Flow Validation: Entire process flow rule will be applied to every single unit (ex. Serial Number based UUT) without exception.  The operator cannot skip any process flow rule defined by the test engineer.  Testr3 Manager supervise and validate every single activity and automatically provide appropriate test process to individual unit.  There is no need to be take any decision by operator during test production phase.

Unit Info Validation: Serial Number, Product Code and Release will be validated and every single activity will be registered to Data Center.

Test Station Validation: The accessibility of test station will be validated based on the process flow rule for each unit (ex. Serial Number based UUT)

User Access Validation: A project administrator or supervisor can manage the accessibility of user account for different production line.

In brief, Testr3 Manager include five main features as follows:

  • Product Management

  • Process Flow Management

  • Test Station Management

  • Unit Management

  • User Management




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