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Simple, easy to use and codeless, the smart Testr3 Modules are an integral component of the Testr3 Studio.

The Versatyle® Testr3 Modules contains a series of easy to use codeless elements that serve to build test cases. Typically, a test engineer would have to code short programs, code scripts or code dynamic libraries in order to test certain aspects of a device making the test specific to the device. This would decrease productivity and reduce reusability of the created test components. However, with the Testr3 Modules theses steps are avoided and replaced by adding codeless elements to a test. A test engineer can now build the same tests that were built in the traditional old fashion but much faster, more efficient and easier to maintain. In addition, the codeless modules can be used over and over again without having the need for a software programmer.



Each module uses a parameterized design making each test action codeless. There is no need for any programming skills. Simply add a test module and input the specifications.


The simple and user friendly concept of the modules make them easy to reuse any time during an automated test process. New modules can also be added to the system without affecting the performance of your test machine.


Each module can be added, configured or removed in a few seconds decreasing development and deployment time dramatically.

Testr3 Modules
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