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Test Automation - Standard Testr3 Module

The standard Versatyle Testr3 modules are the base elements used to create codeless test cases. These modules provide you with the essential steps needed to perform regular tests for a Device-Under-Test.



Scan serial numbers from DUT in a flash! The Testr3 Barcode module allows the system to connect a handheld barcode scanner device to the workstation and use it to read the serial number from a barcode. Use your barcode reader to quickly enter the information needed to initiate a test on a DUT.


DataData Module

Import a large amount of data and analyze it based on mathematical functions. The Testr3 Data module allows the system to test a large amount of data by either importing it from a COM connection or from a file. This enables you to easily test vast amounts of data using standard mathematical functions, the use of multiple or a single parsing and saving information to a variable.



Evaluate Testr3 Variables using a list of standard equations. Use the Testr3 Equation module to view created test variables and apply a specific formula to evaluate the result. Get results from different modules and join them together using your specific criteria to test for the desired value.



Build quick and easy custom user messages. The Testr3 Message Box module allows the display of generic information to the user during the execution of a test. Simply create a custom message that needs to be answered during a test such as a "Yes" or "No" question or an informational memo that a test user must confirm to continue with the test process tree.


ProcessMgrProcess Handler

Manage easily running applications and process activity.  The Testr3 Process Handler provide the ability to take control of all running application during the test execution phase.  A user can launch pre-required applications or initiate certain services during the test operation.  He can also force to terminate specific running applications.  (ex. Equivalent function from Windows Task Manager, End-Process)


Schedule test execution to increase the productivity without intervention of the operator.  The Testr3 Scheduler could help to fully automate the beginning of test execution and add some delay during the test automation.

ScriptScript & Exe

Run and test command line scripts or .EXEs. Use the Testr3 Script & Exe module to execute a script or a batch file and then evaluate the output with a specific criterion. This module is ideal for testing scripts that can be used for setting up a DUT and evaluating executables that send outputs.


SendSend Module

Send a command to a DUT. The Testr3 Send module allows for the application to send a command that is understood by the device under test to set or modify its properties. Simply insert a data write command that is recognized by the DUT in the dialogue box of the system. Use as many Send modules as needed to evaluate the result with a Testr3 Send & Read module.


SendReadSend & Read

Read data from a DUT and compare the result with a criterion. The Testr3 Send & Read module allows for the application to send a command to a test device, read the resulting output and then compare the data obtained with a specific value. Simply enter a send command that is recognized by the DUT and evaluate the response by setting the valid data range that is required for the output of the test to be successful.


VariableVariable Module

Create test variables on the fly. The Testr3 Variable module allows the declaration of different variable types in order to store important information. Declare a variable and then use it in conjunction with other modules in order to evaluate test and measurement results.


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