Module Management for Test Analysis

Module Management

Testr3 Module Management

The Testr3 modules provide test engineers and test designers with the necessary tools to create fast and efficient test and measurement sequences without the need of any programming skills. However, it is sometimes required to group certain modules together to obtain a certain logic. For this purpose, all Versatyle® Testr3 Studio packages include a group management for modules.


Group Management

Group logical modules together and run them as a whole. Use the Testr3 Group elements to join together a series of Testr3 modules and run them in a loop or as a grouped sequence. Use this functionality to perform tasks such as data adjusting and curve tracing.


The following are the types of groups available:

  • Normal - Group a set of modules together as a whole
  • Loop - Group a set of modules as part of a loop defined by an integer or variable
  • Trace - Group a set of modules to draw the feedback of test equipment or a device under test in order to find a specific value in the response curve
  • Adjust - Group a set of modules to adjust equipment settings or to test the performance of circuits



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