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Test Automation - Advanced Modules Add-On

The Advanced Versatyle Testr3 modules are a set of sophisticated elements letting you perform complex tests. With modules such as C/C++ and .NET C++/C# you can make your own custom test cases without having to depend on third-party applications. In addition, a module such as the LabVIEW Interface module lets you gradually migrate your existing  tests into the Versatyle platform.


Win32DLLC/C++ Module

Load and execute C or C++ dynamic libraries. The Testr3 C/C++ module allows for the application to load and run existing dynamic libraries coded with unmanaged C or C++ object oriented programming language. This module allows users to save time and resources by reusing old C/C++ test procedures and incorporate them in a new test and measurement sequence created with the Testr3 Creator .


DotNetDLL.NET C++/C#  Module

Load and execute .NET dynamic libraries. The Testr3 .NET C++/C# module allows for the application to load and run existing dynamic libraries coded with Microsoft's .NET framework. In this module, you can save time and resources by reusing your existing test procedure in a new test case sequence created with the Testr3 Creator.


LabVIEWInfLabVIEW Interface Module

Reuse existing LabVIEW VIs. The Testr3 LabVIEW Interface module is designed to let you use National Instruments LabVIEW programs and integrate them to the automated test sequence. It's flexible design gives you the ability to include external VI programs and use them into the Versatyle Testr3 Studio automated testing process so that you don't spend time re-engineering your existing work.


MatLabInfMATLAB Interface Module

Perform mathematical analysis in your test. The Testr3 MATLAB Interface module allows for the application to load and run existing MATLAB files in order to provide a powerful mathematical analysis to the test sequence. You can take full advantage of The MathWorks software package by easily integrating your complex numerical analysis to a device-under-test (DUT). You can also combine the test outputs of this module with other Testr3 modules to achieve greater test results.


CANSendCAN Send Module

Send multiple commands to a CAN enabled hardware device with minimal effort. With this module you can easily setup multiple CAN devices without ever neededing any programming skills.


CANSendReadCAN Send and Read Module

The Versatyle CAN Send and Read Module is design to automatically read commands from a CAN hardware device and compare the obtained data with a user defined passing criteria. With its codeless capability, you can evaluate the binary data transmitted from the CAN device and compare it to numerical, hexadecimal and text values.


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