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Testr3 Studio - Test Automation Software Solution
A Complete Test Automation Tool

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Testr3 Studio, A Complete Test Automation Software Solution

Versatyle Testr3 Studio is a zero programming enterprise application software for the electronic manufacturer to streamline their component testing modules such as PCBs, consumer electronics and fiber optic devices. This innovative codeless approach reduces operation cost, accelerates time-to-market and facilitates new product introduction (NPI).

Test Automation Software

The Versatyle  Testr3 Studio is the industries first complete Test Lifecycle Management (TLM) solution to address creation, execution, presentation, analysis and data management in a cohesive and extensible solution with the following advantages:

  • WYDIWYR: What you design is what you run
  • Create and execute test trees without writing a single line of code
  • Interact with automated test equipment (ATE)


Test Automation Highlights

  • An innovative approach to manufacturing and R&D test automation
  • Complete end to end solution in one test automation software package
  • Simplifies and accelerates test development
  • Test edition, debugging and modification done on the fly; no software development skills needed
  • Manage your test and measurement data


 Test Automation Feature Benefits

Versatyle  Test Corporation' state of the art test software solution:

  • Accelerates time to develop and manufacture new products
  • Eliminates software development costs
  • Eliminates need for software development skill set
  • Eliminates sustaining costs
  • Eliminates dependencies for individual employees or third party
  • Allows easy portability & modification of all functionalities


Download our Test Automation Tool Trial  Watch a video and learn how to create cost-effective tests.

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