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Test Automation Tool Description – Versatyle Testr3 Studio

The automation tool Versatyle Testr3 Studio software allows customers to achieve testing productivity by addressing the complete test tree life-cycle from creation to management. Combining revolutionary technologies with a deep understanding of test tree management, Testr3 Studio software delivers the tools needed at every step of a test cycle. We help our customers improve the quality of their product as well as the productivity.

Our test automation software packages assists in defining test process rule strategy, creating, executing, collecting, and presenting test sequences as well as the test results that arise from test execution.

01 Testr3 Manager

Starting with the Testr3 Manager, the product test engineer or quality control administrator can define the test process flow strategy using graphical logic flow diagram editor and assign to the specific product, the group of test station & the user group.  Entire phases of test engineering process could be supervise through the cloud based real-time management system from the test automation development phase to manufacturing production phase.

02 Testr3 Creator

Using the Testr3 Creator, our customers can begin interacting with their DUTs (Device-Under-Test) and test instruments in such a way that they can design test trees visually and accurately. Changes and revisions will no longer delay the Time-to-Testor hold back delivery of products. Debugging of test trees now become a test enhancement cycle and can include timing of data.

03 Testr3 Runner

The Testr3 Runner then takes over by providing the same visual and execution environment as the Testr3 Creator thus guaranteeing that what you design is what you run! While stepping through your sequences, the Testr3 Runner will also store valuable test results locally and/or remotely.

04 Testr3 Presenter

What good are results if you can't visualize them both in real-time and in static reports? The Testr3 Presenter will facilitate the creation of flexible test reports without the need to hire additional development resources.

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