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Eliminate the need for programming. Our codeless test solution can do all the work!


The Traditional Method of Test Automation

With the evolution of technology, the manufacturing test process has become a crucial factor during the development and production phase. In its early stage, tests were conducted using a manual process. However, with the technological advances of the last two decades, a test automation process base on programming language was established. This solutions is known as the "traditional automated process" and involves the use of custom made programs or scripts to build test cases required to test particular electronic devices.


The Future of Test Automation

Versatyle Test Corporation takes the traditional test automation solution one step further by greatly improving how automated tests are created. The Versatyle Testr3 Studio is engineered to provide you with all the needed tools to build an effective test automation environment while factoring out the necessity of a software programmer. You can create complex automated tests in a fraction of time compared to the traditional methods of testing. The Testr3 Studio lets you control test equipment with commonly used communication protocols such as GPIB, TCP/IP, RS-232 and LXI. This test and measurements solution, allows for fast test automation development, data acquisition, test management, normalize testing and faster time-to-market production.


Test Automation Made Simpler

With its “drag-and-drop” module base design, you can create and run tests without ever having to write a single line of code. Simply open the Testr3 Creator and start “drag-and-dropping” the standard modules you need to build your tests and enter the passing criteria. You can also take advantage of the advance modules to reuse pre-existing test cases done in LabVIEW, MATLAB or other custom code such as C# or C++ DLLs.


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