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Automated Testing of Electronic Devices

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The Versatyle Testr3 Studio will deliver a complete Test Life-Cycle Management (TLM) solution for automated testing of electronic devices (also referred to as: device testing).

Automated Testing – Creator

Automated Testing – Runner

Testr3 Creator & Runner

  • The Testr3 Creator is our flagship product and is the industries first completely codeless Test Case tool.
  • Our unique approach to Test Case development allows test engineers to interact with DUT and Automated Test Equipment to allow for the shortest time to develop a test.
  • Through our interactive communication engine and test sequence editor, test engineers can achieve very high levels of productivity and deliver consistent, documented, versioned and structured test cases without writing a single line of code.
  • The Versatyle Testr3 Studio removes the need for the test engineer(s) to be a software developers or to interact with a software development team.
  • Once the Test Case is developed without coding in the Testr3 Creator, the resulting Test Case document can be loaded and executed on a test bench using the Testr3 Runner.
  • The combination of the Testr3 Creator and Runner helps achieve consistent test executions since "what you design is what you run".
  • The Testr3 Creator and Runner have been demonstrated to reduce test case development and implementation stages down to days instead of months.
  • The Testr3 Creator will become the pivot point of our Testr3 Studio and allow for the complete development of device Test Cases with visual and reference documentation, re-useable test sequences and advanced test modules.
  • The Testr3 Runner will continue to deliver "what you design is what you run" by leveraging the Testr3 Creator core but in a runtime manner.

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Versatyle Test Corporation is positioned to assist the electronics manufacturing sector to achieve faster time to revenue and improved product quality through complete Test
Life-Cycle Management (TLM) functionalities using the Testr3 Studio. Providing a d
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implementation and management and we are committed to continuously enhancing our tools to address all its current and future aspects.
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