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The Versatyle Testr3 Studio consists of two software packages designed to meet specific customer needs.  The Testr3 Studio suite package contains all of the development tools required to create and execute test cases.  With theses powerful tools test engineers can easily build a complete set of test cases using the Versatyle codeless test automation technology. All Testr3 Modules are standardized delivering great reusable components.  In addition, you can enhance your test case capabilities with the Advanced Tesr3 Modules add-ons that enable users to include external programs such as LabVIEW, MATLAB and C++/C# DLL into their test tree and yet still benefit of the codeless test technology.  The Runtime package is perfect for deploying into the manufacturing test machines where the devices-under-tests need only to pass through the execution of the desired test sequence.


Versatyle Testr3 Studio Software Packages

Test Automation Software Professional
Testr3 Studio Suite
Test Automation Software Runtime
Testr3 Studio Runtime *

* The Runtime package cannot create new tests. You need to use the Full edition for this purpose.

**The Testr3 Advanced Modules are optional add-ons.

Testr3 Creator

Testr3 Creator Professional


Testr3 Runner

Testr3 Runner Professional

Testr3 Runner Runtime

Testr3 Reporter

Testr3 Reporter Professional

Testr3 Reporter Runtime

Testr3 Presenter

Testr3 Database Browser Professional

Testr3 Database Browser Runtime

Testr3 Standard Modules

Testr3 Standard Modules Professional

Testr3 Standard Modules Runtime

Testr3 Advanced Modules**

Testr3 Advance Modules Professional


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