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Relative to Test Life-Cycle Stages

  • Test Engineers are rarely proficient at testing and software development.
  • Test Engineers and Software Developers do NOT speak the same language.
  • Test Engineers who are also software developers are not always "senior" in a single discipline. Therefore, the quality of the test development and/or the quality of the resulting test implementation may suffer.
  • When the test engineer is not the software developer, issues of communication, latency, accountability and liability for a test implementation become important.
  • Investment protection of test cases is easier between test engineers than software code between software developers.
  • The test life-cycle spans individuals, division, locations, organizations, continents, etc.

Relative to OEM and CM Relationships

  • The OEM/CM relationship is inter-organizational but needs to be cross-organizational.
  • Data exchange is difficult if not impossible due to lack of data exchange standards.
  • Lack of test related collaboration tools and test case documentation formats.
  • Global distances affect OEM access to real-time test data to allow for continuous improvement and quality control.
  • OEM and CM efforts to consolidate test data exchange formats is impossible without third party assistance.
  • Business process re-engineering at major OEMs means a re-evaluation of existing relationships will occur.
  • Increased outsourcing from OEM to CM, increased new product introductions, and new device technologies combined with reduced time-to-market windows are turning these observations into critical issues.

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