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Versatyle Testr3 Studio provides test engineers and test designers with a vast variety of codeless test modules to build complete test cases in the shortest time possible. The Standard Modules provide engineers with the essential functionality needed in creating a test such as sending and receiving a test data via different type of protocols (e.g. GPIP, LXI, RS-232, TCP/IP, etc.). Versatyle's Advanced Modules technology extends these features by allowing engineers to seamlessly interact with their external test programs without having to write extra code. Test engineers can easily incorporate existing test programs and build new custom programs using external development tools and integrates their work in the Versatyle Testr3 Studio automation platform. The Testr3 Studio empowers users to reuse work done in MATLAB, LabVIEW, C/C++/C# DLLs and more.


See how the Advanced Modules make test automation easier:



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Test Automation Advantages with Advanced Modules

Maximize reusability

Reuse existing test cases done on previous test projects to reduce development cost. Engineers can reuse their custom test DLLs or custom data analysis done with external applications and integrate them in the Testr3 Studio without having to write any additional line of code.

Increase flexibility

Create test cases without limitations. The Testr3 Advanced Modules empowers engineers with the ability to develop their own dedicated test programs when a specific testing is required and easily integrate their work in the Testr3 Studio platform. The test automation software can easily use .NET and unmanaged DLLs.

Achieve shortest time-to-develop test automation project

Add and reuse Advanced Testr3 modules using the Versatyle's codeless test automation technology. Engineers can incorporate external work into the Testr3 Studio with minimal work possible.


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