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CAN-Bus Test Automation Technology

Versatyle Testr3 Studio empowers a codeless test automation solution for embedded system testing that utilizes Controller Area Network (CAN) communication technology. The Testr3 Studio has the ability to exchange and test various types of data coming from CAN-Bus enabled hardware. Engineers can easily create sophisticated test cases using Versatyle’s programming-free module mechanism to accelerate the overall test process.


How does CAN-Bus Test Automation Work?

Versatyle provides a CAN-Bus communication layer that interacts seamlessly with CAN hardware devices. Users build their test trees and use the codeless advanced CAN modules to enter the data that will be sent to a CAN device and the passing criteria that will have to be received for a test to pass. Once all test cases are completed, the framework allows for all test cases to be executed sequentially with a single click. Large test sequences can be compiled and run without a hassle.

The Versatyle Testr3 Studio consists of a very robust test framework designed to increase quality assurance and reduce production cost. The Versatyle server handles the large amount of traffic that is generated from the CAN connections and the Versatyle modules handle communication between low level data and real data. That is, users are given the option to create test cases by entering tangible data (e.g: “10”, “20.9”, or “T”) that is automatically converted to machine code.

Versatyle CAN-Bus Test Automation

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Introducing the Memory Map

Building CAN tests may sometimes necessitate pre-setting or post-setting a series of commands during the execution of a test case. Some tests may contain a large amount of specifications while other tests may share certain test criteria. To answer these issues, Versatyle created a memory map mechanism that allows users to enter commonly used values in a spreadsheet that can easily be imported into one or many CAN-Bus modules.


Test Automation Advantages with CAN-Bus

Testing is a crucial step in developing and producing new products into the market. It can be very lengthily and costly when done manually. Fortunately, the Testr3 Studio provides users the tools to test for less.


Simplified Testing

Users can create CAN test cases without having to worry about learning any programming language. The Testr3 Studio uses input parameters that lets user build sophisticated tests by simply entering the desired values.

Faster Deployment

The Testr3 Studio provides many modules to let Test Engineers and Test Designers create their test plans much faster than before.

Reusable Modules

The Testr3 Modules uses a flexible test framework that permits users to easily duplicate and alter existing modules for rapid test creations.

Centralized Values

The use of the Memory Map allows test cases to share common values to produce faster and more efficient test cases.

Reduce Operation Cost

The Testr3 Studio requires minimal training and no programming skills for engineers to start building test trees. It provides businesses with a complete solution that allows for test creation, test execution, test management and data analysis.


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