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Understanding Versatyle’s Test Services

Versatyle Testr3 Studio software platform may be used as a standalone test development application. It is an extremely flexible automation tool for developing test sequences during the introduction of new products in order to automate the test equipment used and for test data acquisition.

The suite includes a very powerful and comprehensive test sequencer, test configuration engine, data parser engine, test sequence builder and a communication terminal window.

  • Simplify utilization, introduction and communication to test instruments and device under test (DUT) types.

  • Solve the issues of interfacing with the DUT, implementation of proprietary communication protocols and custom prompt recognition "on the fly" by use of the universal parser module.

  • Permit flexibility in interchanging test instruments without rewriting test cases.

The main test interface has user-defined multiple tab capabilities to allow access to various test tool kits with a click of the mouse:

  • Hardware register access, equipment controls, debug interfaces and test sequencer interfaces

  • Product information screens: serial number, product identification, test identification, specification, min-max, results and visual pass/fail criteria

  • Failure messages

  • Test sequence editor to add or remove test cases and allow all standard sequence steps including multi threading

  • Record of individual and cumulative test time

  • Test case definition or modification

  • An efficient troubleshooting communication window for monitoring of parameters and communication between the test software and both DUT and test equipment.

The software suite is based on .NET Technology to allow web-based access, remote control and equipment sharing between many applications permitting:

  • Distribution of test software modules over the Internet, import and export functions for test trees and test modules

  • On-line software updates

  • Remote and self-installation

  • Robust and fail safe test data transfer to centralized databases

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